Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kollel Stipend Protest

Tel Aviv Univ. student protest the Kollel stipends.  What would you say if I agreed with the protesters?  Here is the defense of the Kollel stipend.  Apparently, taking away the funding will not get Charedim to work.  As if that argument actually advances their position.  What it basically says is that the Kollel community completely disregards the financial consequences of their lifestyle.  And the government should support that?

Agudah Parenting Seminar

The Agudah had some event on parenting.  Gil Student tweeted excerpts from it here.  My favorite tweet is the following: "Going out into the workplace is very disorienting. Speak to older people and your rabbi."  I agree that going out into the workplace is very disorienting, but it's even more disorienting if you've been told it's assur to do so.  It is much less disorienting if you see what the Nesivos Sholom says on this week's parshah, Vayeitzei, about Yakov leaving the yeshiva of Shem and Ever and entering the house of Lavan.
I also notice that the answer to almost every question included a suggestion to ask your rabbi.  No comment (but lots of thoughts that I'm not ready to share yet).   

Chilul Hashem alert!

Can we be dan this guy lechaf zechus?

Brooklyn Rabbi Milton Balkany convicted of extortion

(JTA) -- Brooklyn Rabbi Milton Balkany, a Jewish day school director and political activist, was convicted in federal court of extortion.
Balkany, 64, was found guilty Wednesday by a jury in U.S. District Court in Manhattan of extortion, blackmail, wire fraud and making false statements.
He was convicted of trying to extort a $4 million donation to his school, Bais Yaakov of Midwood, from billionaire Steven Cohen's SAC Capital, using damaging information he obtained from an inmate at a federal prison where he served as a spiritual adviser.
Balkany will remain under house arrest until his sentencing on Feb. 18. He could face 20 years in prison.
The rabbi has been active in fund raising for Republican politicians and has lobbied in Washington for several causes.