Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rabbi Schonfeld's response

See previous post for my letter.

I was surprised to receive a call from Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld in response to me letter, with Robbie Neuman present.  Rabbi Schonfeld said he agreed with my  letter 1000 percent (yes, one-thousand percent).  He was impressed with my letter and wanted to meet me in person. 
He made the following points: 
  1. A lot of the changes that I am suggesting need to be made already happening.  Many more charedim are joining the IDF and getting jobs over the past couple years.  
  2. Chickens for Shabbos is not a social service agency, and does not have the resources to implement any of the suggestions I made.
  3. Chickens for Shabbos does not condone the practice of men learning in kollel when they cannot support their families.  He claims Chickens for Shabbos only supports rebbaim who have not been paid, not kollel families that are not doing their proper hishtadlus.  I find this very hard to believe that Chickens for Shabbos only supports rebbaim and not kolllel families, but he claims Robbie is told to use the word "melamdim" in his appeals, so that people will know that we're supporting rebbaim, not kollel families.  I still highly doubt that Chickens for Shabbos denies support to kollel families.
  4. Chickens for Shabbos is opposed to schools denying admission to families where the husband works.  But it does not seem that Chickens for Shabbos is doing anything about it.
Bottom line- I am looking forward to meeting with Rabbi Schonfeld and trying to impress upon him that maybe we can do more than just provide welfare support.  Maybe we can actually make a difference.

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